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Iran shows missile, launches satellite which fails to reach orbit

In the space of a few hours on Sunday, Iran unveiled a new ballistic missile and launched a domestically-built satellite - which failed, however, to...

US primaries: Republican challenges Trump in New Hampshire

A Republican is making a long-shot bid for a seat in the White House as the US state of New Hampshire prepares to...

Raj Thackeray’s bid to woo saffron vote base of Shiv Sena

Raj Thackeray's bid to woo saffron vote base of Shiv Sena Updated : 09 Feb 2020 10:57 PM (IST) Raj Thackeray's MNS took to streets...

বেসরকারিকরণ চূড়ান্ত, ট্রেন চালাবে টাটা-আদানিরাও!

এই সময় ডিজিটাল ডেস্ক: কেন্দ্রে দ্বিতীয়বার ক্ষমতায় আসার পরপরই ঘুর পথে বেসরকারি শিল্প সংস্থাগুলির জন্য ভারতীয় রেলের দরজা খুলে দিয়েছিল নরেন্দ্র মোদী সরকার।...

Iran Successfully Launches Satellite, Fails To Put It In Orbit

A Simorgh (Phoenix) satellite rocket at its launch site at an undisclosed location in Iran (File)Tehran: Iran said it "successfully" launched a satellite...

‘Silencing the guns’: AU leaders seek end to regional conflicts

Heads of state and government officials from across Africa have gathered in Ethiopia's capital for talks primarily focused on ways to end to...

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